Best Of Show


First Place: “Stenciled Start Up”- Jamison DeCuir, Cistercian Prep School


Second Place: “Beans”- Anissa Rangel, Booker T. Washington High School



Third Place: “Seriously Huge Pizza”- Julia Santos, Bishop Dunne Catholic School


Mickey and Temple Ashmore Awards

Mickey and Temple Ashmore Award: “Swing Carousel”- Irma Lerma Rangel YWLS



Mickey and Temple Ashmore Award: “Latin Flavor” – Sara Almodovar, South Grand Prarie High School


CBRE Award


CBRE Award: “A Penny for your thoughts”- Claire Marucci, The Hockaday School

Judges Awards

Kevin Marple’s Choice: “Retro Pop”- Sabrina Waite, Flower Mound High School



Cal Young’s Choice: “The Hanging”- Jennifer Rodriguez, Bryan Adams High School



Ann Pinson’s Choice: “Midnight Baking”- Hayley Smith, Richarson High School


Jeremy Biggers Choice: “Sweet Dreams and Choices”- Matt Acuna, Cistercian Prep School


Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: “Sports at Dawn” – Kelly Montes de Oca, North Dallas High School


Honorable Mention: “In the Making”- Fanni Palomares, Skyline High School

Honorable Mention: “Bicycle”- Carly Weisberg, Episcopal School of Dallas

Honorable Mention: “No Good News”- Ramiro Garcia, Bryan Adams High School



Honorable Mention: “Los Vendedores”- Ned Pfieffer, Cistercian Prep School

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