We’re pleased to introduce the talented panel of judges who will together select the winners for the 2016 Retail as Art photography competition. Each offers a strong visual sensibility and unique perspective on the field of photography. They all share a commitment to mentoring the next generation of photographers.

Jeremy Biggers


Jeremy Biggers. Creator. Problem Solver. Painter. Designer. Photographer. Film Maker. Based in Dallas, Texas.  Owner/creator of the Stem & Thorn brand.

Jeremy Biggers has been involved with image making his entire life.  From pencil drawings to paintings to graphic design to photography to videography.  He attended an art high school where he primarily focused on graphite and charcoal drawing. Upon entering college he cultivated his love for painting and photography, and they’ve since cemented themselves in his everyday life.  As with all artists, his work is a reflection of how he views the world. His goal with each piece is to inspire conversation; conversation within the viewer, or conversation among other viewers. His work is a mix between realism, and simplicity. While the bulk of his work deals with portraiture, he enjoys expression regardless of the subject matter.

Mickey Ashmore – Founder

Founder, Retail As Art

Mickey Ashmore is the Retail As Art founder and judge.

Mickey founded Retail As Art in 2008 and always participates in the judging process.

Mickey created the contest to encourage students in the DFW area to pursue their passions. As a high school teacher turned real estate agent, Mickey hopes the contest will serve not only as a creative outlet but also a way for students to pursue careers in real estate, art, photography, or retailing.

Mickey is passionate about kids, education, and retail.


Kevin Marple

Photographer, Kevin Marple Photo

Kevin Marple is a well-known food photographer in the Dallas area. His work showcases commercial food, restaurant interiors, and bar-b-que and has been featured in a variety of publications.

Kevin started working in the restaurant industry over 30 years ago and has experienced many aspects of the business from the back of the house, to marketing, and beyond. Kevin relates to chefs and restauranteurs in a way that most photographers don’t. He speaks their language and understands the personalities and forces at play.

You can see Kevin’s work on his website:


Cal Young

Senior Designer, Starbucks

Cal Young began his journey with Starbucks in 2012 as Senior Designer. His job is to develop locally relevant store designs that align with Starbucks Global Design Strategies. Locally, he assisted in designing the interior of the Starbucks in The Shops of Park Lane, Dallas. As well as other local Starbucks, including ones in Hurst and Austin, both the interior and exterior.

Over the past 15 years, Young has produced designs, supervised production, and observed construction of multiple facilities between 42,000sf and 98,000sf; utilizing Assembly and Large Assembly use (capacities of 2,500 to 4,200 persons each).

He has design awards and publications from Texas Society of architects, American Institute of Architects Dallas, Dallas Society of Visual Communication, and many more.

Ann Pinson

Editor, Dallas Morning News

For more than ten years, Ann Pinson has been working for the Dallas Morning News, keeping the DFW updated on all the fun things to do. Starting out as Listings coordinator and writer for Guide, Pinson moved up to her current position as Guide Editor.

Pinson graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2001. She considers her specialties to be editing and writing, as well as the self-proclaimed finder of fun.

Pinson also co-hosts the popular Dallas Morning News TV show, From the Hip, runs a family fun column and has an interest in photography.

You can view her fun findings at GuideLive.com.

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